Update Note from Kiki Daniels (Apr. 18, 2011)

April 18, 2011 at 1:14 pm (General)


As I’m sure you have noticed I have not been online for the last month or so.  I went to the hospital last month and have had some health issues since, but am luckily getting them under control.

Anyhow, I am finally feeling better and getting on top of things *knock on wood*.  And able to return to SL.  I am quite behind on blogging, etc as I’m sure you can imagine.  I am so very sorry that I haven’t been able to be in SL for a while.

I hope that you will still read my blog!  It will take me some time to get caught up on some things, but I am back!  I hope! Thank you for your patience!

Kiki Daniels


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