Introducing Vero Modero : Sexy, Modern, Chic

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I have the pleasure of bringing you some of the newest releases from Vero Modero!  Bouquet Babii is quite busy releasing new items every week, so I’m bringing you some from over the last couple of weeks.  Her designs are so gorgeous, the textures real enough to touch and the silhouettes to flatter any figure!  This post is very picture heavy so enjoy!!!

Vero Modero SLurl:

Vero Modero #1

These gorgeous “Mist Dress” releases come in several different colors, some of which I am not showing.  Each print option also comes with two skirt attachments.  I have shown each here.


  • Dress 1:  VERO MODERO / Mist Dress Flo
  • Dress 2:  VERO MODERO / Mist Dress Rainbow
  • Dress 3:  VERO MODERO / Mist Dress Dots

Styled With

  • Hair:  !VA! Wipeout blacks in noir
  • Shoes:  HOC Industries – Yay Wedges
  • Pose:  -AnaLu- *fresh poses* 279, 280 & 287

Vero Modero #2

This photo actually shows three of the newest releases from Vero Modero outlined just below.  I was half asleep when making this pic and realized too late that I had only put the name of one on the picture!


  • Top:  VERO MODERO / Blossom Top Damask F
  • Pants:  VERO MODERO / Marine Low rise Bermuda
  • Shoes: [VM] Ballerina in Yellow

Styled With

  • Hair:   Adn – Caley – Grayscale in Black
  • Bracelet:  ET~Happiness Shared Bracelet in Jingle  (unknown source)
  • Bangles:  Finesmith– stoneage bracelets
  • Pose:  SP_Ballgown Elegance_8 (striking poses)

Vero Modero #3

Again here we show 3 new releases, the shoes, jeans and jacket.  Love them all!!!  Great basic pieces to add to your wardrobe for wearing over and over again.


  • Jacket:  VERO MODERO / Glad Jacket Brown F
  • Jeans:  VERO MODERO / NW Jean in Dark Bootcut
  • Shoes: [VM] Ballerina in Camel

Styled With

  • Pose:  *Luth* Fashion S2 – 2

Vero Modero #4

This picture shows more cuff and shade options for these super comfy jeans!  And definitely can’t resist the sporty jackets.


  • Hoodie:  VERO MODERO / Hood Sweaters Red & Blue
  • Jeans:  VERO MODERO / NW Jean in Dark Normal cut & Light Bootcut
  • Shoes:  [VM] Ballerina in Gray

Styled With

Vero Modero #5

I love this dress!  Especially the matching shawl that comes with it.  And of course the sexy fishnet leggings.


  • Dress w/ shrug:  VERO MODERO / Lacey Dress

Styled With

Vero Modero #6

This lovely silvery dress with pink highlights is great for a night out!


  • Dress:  VERO MODERO / Silv Dress

Styled With

Vero Modero #7

The print of this dress is just gorgeous and great for those wild of heart out there.


  • Dress:  VERO MODERO / Tiger Dress

Styled With

Vero Modero #8

And finally a close up of the “Ballerina” flats shown in the pics above.  They have such great detail!!  And are available in several colors!

Thank you for reading!!

Vero Modero SLurl:


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If that were a snake…it would have bit me!! ~ LoveCats “Snakebite”

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LoveCats Snakebite Both 052311

(See Details Below)

Another post for LoveCats!!  I just love the many different ways you can wear her outfits, and I’m having so much fun blogging them and challenging myself to come up with different combinations.  This one was actually a little bit simpler on my end for the styling but I hope to do more soon!!  This outfit I’m blogging today comes for both men and women.  Its one of her more recent releases.  Be sure to check out her store here:

LoveCats Snakebite Ladies 052311


  • Outfit:  LoveCats Snakebite outfit

Styled With

  • Tail & Ears:  LoveCats Xfull fluffeh Black
  • Hair:  Exile Tempest/ Blacks in Twilight
  • Nails:  -MonS- Nails “Gypsy” in Black
  • Pose:  -AnaLu- *fresh poses* 396

LoveCats Snakebite Mens 052311


  • Outfit:  LoveCats Snakebite outfit mens

Styled With

LoveCats Snakebite Womens Remix 052311


  • Outfit:  LoveCats Snakebite outfit

Styled With

  • Belt:  from LoveCats Bast outfit
  • Hair:  Exile Sirena/ Blacks in Twilight
  • Boots:  HOC Industries – Noir Boots
  • Pose:  -AnaLu- *fresh poses* 395

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Introducing Chichi of London

May 23, 2011 at 1:41 am (New Releases, Reviews)

The week before last I was introduced to a new to me designer:  Gaius Luminos.  Gauis has absolutely stunning designs that she creates for her shop:  CHICHI of London Fashion Designs.  When I first got a glimpse of her masterpieces I was immediately drawn to the Asian inspired fabrics and styles she creates, among others!  Let me tell you a little about CHICHI in Gaius own words:

“Chichi of London is a womens fashion design company based on a real life predecessor that was active in the late 1960’s/ early 70’s. Chichi virtual retains much of the spirit of its swinging 60’s counterpart. Our styles are freewheeling, eclectic and fun, and cover a broad range including but not limited to Victorian, Gothic/Lolita, Fetish Wear, Costumes, Movie Actress Costumes, Haute Couture…
…and of course 1960’s Retro.

“Chichi of London is located in The Apple Building, on New York Island, in the Heart of New York City Center SL, right next to The Empire State Building.
~Five Floors of Fashion, Footwear, Skins, Shapes And Hairs, of exceptional Quality!

“Chichi is a Sister Company to The Drlife Skin and Hair Co. and we maintain the same rigorous and meticulous attention to craftsmanship, quality, realism and beauty that is required of all Drlife Products….”

You can find her mainshop here:

I could go on and on about her designs but I’ll save some for another post lol.  Here are 2 of some of her latest releases:

052311 - Chichi Kai Ying 2 FINAL


  • Outfit including shoes & purse:  Chichi Kai Ying* 2, cc0116

Styled With

  • Hair:  Exile Sirena/ Blacks in Twilight
  • Pose:  my computer crashed and I didn’t get to save the pose I was using!!  grrrr

052311 - Chichi Cici Chinese Silk FINAL


  • Outfit including shoes:  Chichi ‘Cici,’ Chinese Silk Pants Suit, cc0015

Styled With

  • Hair:  Adn – Dada – Grayscale in black
  • Nails: -MonS- Nails “Gypsy” in Red
  • Pose:  Tuli Cover Girl 4

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It’s On Sale Items ~ May 16th thru 22nd

May 21, 2011 at 2:26 am (Sales & Discounts)


I am half asleep at the moment so please forgive me if this blog isn’t up to par!  I’ve been working my tail off taking pics of Culture Shock and many other items to blog.  It’s 3am here!!

My first week as manager of It’s On Sale event is going quite well. Or was until my photobucket account decided to go crazy on me and all my pics I had stored there no longer showed up on the It’s On Sale blog or my own blog either. I made a quick change to get them into flickr and will stay there now lol. Anyhow, for more details on this event READ HERE.

This week, I received a few items to blog from the participating designers and want to show them here.  Enjoy the pics!

Its On Sale May 16th - Arctic Storm


Styled With

  • See Below

Its On Sale May 16th - Outlander Emporium


Its On Sale May 16th - MysTique


Styled With

  • Hair: LAQ ~ Tess hair (Black)
  • Eyes: Shine Eye – Brown   (Dernier Cri)
  • Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes
Poses Used in this Post:   *Luth* Party Dress 05, 08, 07, *Luth* Runway V2 05 and *Luth* Shoes 13  (

Its On Sale May 16th - Garden Table

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Teaser: Thoroughly Modern Vero Modero

May 15, 2011 at 4:34 pm (Fashion Shows)

Vero Modero Final Image

Event Title: Thoroughly Modern Vero Modero
Date: May 21st, 2011
Time: Show Time: 1-2pm
After Party: 2-3:30pm SL

Details: Designer: Bouquet Babii
DJ for Show and After Party: Thorn Andel
Production Company: Siren Productions

Siren Productions in conjunction is proud to bring you Thoroughly Modern Vero Modero. The hip, chic, new, and trendy Spring release from Bouquet Babii. A very special fashion show will take place May 21st, 2011 at 1pm featuring items from the latest collection for both the ladies and gentlemen. Stay with us afterwards as we retire to the pool and dance the afternoon away to the hot tunes of Thorn Andel.

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Introducing: It’s On Sale!!!

May 15, 2011 at 2:04 pm (Sales & Discounts) (, , , , , , , )


It’s On Sale SL!
Because we all love a sale!!!!!

It’s ON Sale SL is your weekly sales event! Our week event starts on Monday and goes till Sunday.

There are many ways you can follow us:

1) Join our group inworld –
You will know first about the even and about the participating store all over the week!

2) Add us in your facebook!

3) You can join our flickr too!

4) Our blog, of course!

Designer Information

Dear Designer!

It’s On Sale is a weekly event, lasting for one week.

The proposal is to put at least one item of your store 50% off per one week.

We have our own blog to promote your item and a team of bloggers that will make it for you also.

The idea is to get people visiting your store every week to check what is on sale and to help you to increase your sales.

This sale will help to promote your store and bring people to it! It’s a sale! All of us love a sale, right?

To join the event, please request the full info from Kiki Daniels in SL or in comments below and we will give you more instructions.

Blogger Information

Do you love to see any of these words in a store window: “sale, off, offer, promotion” ?

I am sure you said yes! So this event is for you!

We put together our passion for shopping and fashion and we decided to come up with this event called: ” It’s on sale!” We belive that everyone can wear the latest releases, the favorites clothes getting them on a sale!

Every week, the participating stores will put on sale 50% off and up) at least one item at their store. The sale will last for a week.

To know more about the event, please join the group ” It’s on sale SL” or get in touch with Kiki Daniels.

To join the group, please past the link bellow in the local chat and click the blue link, then click “join”

Also, check our official blog! –

If you are a blogger and want to join our blogger team, please send me an IM in SL or leave a comment here! If you have a store that you want to see on sale, give us a hint ;).

Because we all love a sale!!!!

Comments or questions, please send us an IM in SecondLife or leave a comment here!

Kiki Daniels

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To Be or Not To Be…

May 13, 2011 at 12:18 am (New Releases, Reviews) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

…a Neko?  Even if you aren’t you can still wear LoveCats!!

Last winter, I was hired as a model for LoveCats.  After working there for a few months, my SL time got a lot busier with blogging so I unfortunately had to step down as a model.  However, LoveCat Thei has kindly allowed me to blog for her!  I just want to say, something I noticed right from the start, that LoveCat’s shop may be targeted to all the nekos and other furries in SL, but omg…her designs are incredible for wearing everyday too!!

The detail she puts into each piece is amazing.  Its quite obvious the amount of time and effort that she enjoys putting into her work.  And that she loves her job!  You have to see her designs for yourself to see what I mean.  Even for those who don’t want to be a Cat or other form of animal in SL, you can still very much appreciate the intricacy of her work and quality it will add to your wardrobe.  The pieces are great for mix and matching for models!  Before I keep going on all night, let me show you what I mean with one of her newest releases for women.

Mainstore SLurl:

LoveCats - Reaction 051211b

This outfit was just released recently.  Be sure to click on the photo and view it in its larger form to see the details!


  • Outfit:  LoveCats Reaction outfit

Styled With

LoveCats - Reaction 051211

And here is to show you how this can be worn for those who prefer not to go Neko!


  • Jacket:  from LoveCats Reaction outfit
Styled With
  • Jeans: -MonS- Superstar Jeans in Red
  • Hair: HouseofFox :: FemmeFataleHair[Dark]
  • Shoes: !!KKBB!! Vinyl Laced Heels – Black
  • Earrings: Finesmith– In The FlaSH- Deco-Ra- Ear pieces
  • Poses: *Luth* Melancholy 10 & 12

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Kiki Gets a Makeover

May 12, 2011 at 11:20 pm (General) (, , , , , , , )

…and I would love your opinion!!  It is so hard to find unique and quality Asian skins in SL, that not everyone wears.  And I’m sure soon this one will be worn by everyone as well.  However for the time being I’m loving it!!  What do you think?  Old look or new look better?

Old look is on the Left

New look is on the Right

Kiki Makeover 1

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Black Swan Inspired Makeup @ .::Divine::.

May 10, 2011 at 7:27 pm (New Releases)

This past week, divinna Ansar released a new makeup for her shop .::Divine::.  This dramatically, stunning eye makeup was inspired by the new movie Black Swan which I cannot wait to see!  This is created on the tattoo layer so much be used on a viewer that allows tattoo layers to be worn.  Check it out below and be sure to come back as she’ll be releasing a new skin soon that I’ll be blogging as well!

Mainstore SLurl:

Divine - Black Swan 051011


  • Makeup:  .::Divine::. Black Swan

Styled With

  • Hair: LAQ ~ Tess hair (Black)
  • Eyes: Shine Eye – Brown  (Dernier Cri)
  • Pose: -AnaLu- *Fresh Poses* 295

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Introducing: Kastle Rock Couture

May 9, 2011 at 10:33 pm (Reviews)

Yay, finally a blog post!!  I’ve been playing catch up for some time now, reorganizing my inventory etc.  And I wanted to start with Spooky Mistwallow’s gorgeous designs from Kastle Rock Couture.  Spooky is an amazing designer and is quite busy in SL.  She not only owns and designs for Kastle Rock Couture, but she also does the following:

–OWNER – Kastle Rock Couture, Francesca’s Affordable Elegance, Sweethairs Affiliate.

–DIRECTOR – Freebies for Newbies, Weekend Bargain Bazaar

–FOUNDER – Associated Hunt Vendors Group, Best Bargains of SL

–CO-ORGANIZER – Kastle Rock Gridwide Hunts, AHVG Hit-n-Run Hunts

You can also keep up with her designs at her website:

Quite some time ago, before I was ill in RL, she sent me several designs to review and I want to start with this post.  I will show the rest in following posts, figured I’d split them up a bit.  You MUST visit her shop if you haven’t yet, her attention to detail as she designs, and making a beautiful garment that brings out the woman in you, are incredible.  And she designs casual wear and menswear too!

Mainstore SLurl:

KR01 050911


  • Dress: :KR: The Dragon – RedTide

Styled With:

  • Hair: fri. – Scarlett – Paranoid Black
  • Eyes: Shine Eye – Brown  (Dernier Cri)
  • Prim Lashes: *Sin Skins* Vanity Lashes
  • Necklace: Donna Flora ADELE onix set
  • Bracelet: *Zari* “The Medieval Collection” Fortune Teller Bracelets(R)-Bk
  • Pose: Torridwear (store is closed)

KR02 050911

  • Dress: :KR: The Dragon – RedTide
Styled With
  • Pose: Torridwear

KR03 050911


  • Dress: :KR: Bamboo Island Minidress
  • Dress: :KR: Bamboo Island Gown

Styled With

  • Pose: AnaLu *fresh poses* 270
  • Pose: AnaLu *fresh poses* 232

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