Apple Spice and Finesmith #1

June 29, 2011 at 8:37 pm (Hunts, New Releases, Reviews, Sales & Discounts)

Poses and jewelry…two of my, well many, weaknesses.  Last week I did the Finesmith hunt and got lots and lots of goodies!  I was also sent a review pack from AppleSpiceStore Resident of Apple Spice poses and I wanted to show those as well.  I figured one of the best ways to show poses specifically was without lots of clothing in the way.  The black skin is from Nuuna’s Skins and it works as a good background for the jewelry.  Unfortunately it has the bits painted on so I couldn’t be naked as I was hoping lol.  So I put on a basic swimsuit.

Pose makers are certainly getting more exposure than they used to but its still not near where it needs to be.  So many bloggers don’t state what poses they use, and its part of the styling just as much as the clothing and accessories are.  So the opportunity to showcase a pose designer specifically was very exciting.

Plus with beautiful designs from yula Finesmith, how can you go wrong?  Enjoy the post!

Apple Spice Mainstore:

Finesmith Jewelry Mainstore:

Items featured through all pics:

  • Poses:  Apple Spice Cute Pose Pack – Poses 001 thru 010

Items worn through all pics:

Apple Spice n Finesmith #1
Left:  FINESMITH Hunt Item #1 – Diana Bracelet

Middle:  FINESMITH Hunt Item #8 – NeonFunk Corset

Right:  (part of) FINESMITH Hunt Item #5 – Ruby earrings & necklace

Apple Spice n Finesmith #2
Finesmith Hunt Item #2 – Flower on my heart & (part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #13 – NailsL 10’s purple

Apple Spice n Finesmith #3
(part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #15 – Belinda pearls bracelet pink

Apple Spice n Finesmith #4
Left:  Finesmith Hunt Item #6 – Pilar Ankle & Finesmith Hunt Item #9 – Amor’e Ring

Right:  Finesmith Hunt Item #10 – Parapapa Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet

Apple Spice n Finesmith #5
(part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #18 – Melting in bronze

Apple Spice n Finesmith #6
Finesmith Hunt Item #20 – Amor’e Earrings, Finesmith Hunt Item #6 – Pilar Ankle & (part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #14 – Finesmith Rissa Demure Dress gift

Apple Spice n Finesmith #7
Finesmith Hunt Item #16 – Strawberry Dress/Cream Dress


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Peqe’s One Year Sale!

June 28, 2011 at 10:55 am (Sales & Discounts)


Peqe turns, ‘officially’, one year old this month and I decided to thank my costumers!


This is not a full sale, only some selected items are for sale.
You have to search for the items with Balloons! How fun!?

Anyways: one color or more of each set is discounted so go search now!
Shoes, hair and clothes!

This goes through the 28th of June (today) until the 8th of July.

Have fun and thank you for an awesome year ❤

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The Month of Fetish: Hugo’s Design & Graves Fashion Show

June 22, 2011 at 1:27 pm (Fashion Shows)


June 25th: 12-1pm SLT – Hugo’s Design Fashion Show

June 26th: 5-6pm SLT – Graves Fashion Show.

Siren Production’s will be showcasing the fun and sexy styles of Hugo’s Design and Graves Fashion. Give in to the temptation on June 25th and June 26th and prepare for one hot and exciting weekend!

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Koji Toyoda (QueenQueen) @ Maritima Inc

June 21, 2011 at 10:45 pm (General, Reviews)

Mr Koji Toyoda @ Maritima Inc


Introducing Mr Koji Toyoda, a renowned RL Avant-Garde Japanese designer featured in numerous RL fashion shows and media publications brings his fashion flair to Maritima Inc. with his store QueenQueen!

Featured in over 20 fashion show including the Seoul and Osaka collections, published several times in magazines, news articles, and television such as World Book MODA (France) Spring, Shoen, Mini, Savvy (Japan), and many more too numerous to mention.

Some of Mr Koji Toyoda’s credits/profile follow:

Movie 1 :
Movie 2 :

Website (Designs) :
Website (Designs) :

Blog :
Twitter :

Visit his website for more info at or TP using the attached LM to his new store in SL for his amazingly jaw-dropping designs!

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Introducing: Cilian’gel

June 11, 2011 at 12:14 am (Mens, New Releases, Reviews)

How can you possibly resist anything Charlie Chaplin or Clara Bow?  Cilia Shepherd of Cilian’gel passed me her hunt gift today for the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Hunt II which is running from June 11th to June 25th 2011.  Look for two Stars in the Cilian’gel 1920’s Boutique. The prizes you will get are for men and women and inspired from no one else than the legendary Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow.  It includes both outfits shown below.  Here is the hint for the HWOF Hunt: Look up and high, you may find some Stars hidden behind the Moon.

How fun is this set?  I kinda want to dress Kiki up in the Charlie Chaplin outfit as well 😀  And definitely going to make a trip to Cilia’s shop to see what other great things she has to offer.  The poses used below are also from Cilian’gel and can be found in the past notices of the Cilian’gel Designs group!

Mainstore SLurl:

Cilian'gel Final Pic

  • Bahlia’s Outfit:  ‘Got Charlie?’ – Cilian’gel 1920’s – Presentation Box
  • Bahlia’s Pose:  Showbiz Pose ‘Got Charlie?’ Cilian’gel
  • Kiki’s Outfit:  ‘Got Clara?’ – Cilian’gel 1920’s – Presentation Box
  • Kiki’s Pose:  Showbiz Pose ‘Got Clara?’ Cilian’gel

Styled With

on Bahlia

on Kiki

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Introducing…Lushish Catz – Men & Women Clothes!

June 9, 2011 at 8:33 pm (New Releases, Reviews) (, , , , , )

A few weeks ago I received the May blogger pack from Kayshla Aristocrat of Lushish Catz.  I’m obviously a few days late in getting this posted, and kicking myself, but I’m getting caught up slowly so thats a plus right?  Anyhow, this shop has been seen all over the grid lately and has some absolutely adorable and super sexy clothing that anyone can wear.  Several of the items below were last months freebies or sale deals and you can see the quality with which she creates her designs.

And as if that isn’t enough, Kayshla also owns Oh Kay Photo Studio and has begun publishing her own magazine:  Lushish.  Be sure to drop by her sim to pick up a copy of that as well.  Lets take a look at a few of the things she has to offer!

Mainstore SLurl:

Lushitz Cats May #1
This cute little number shares a name with me and I love it!!  Plus how can you resist the lacey garters?


  • Outfit:  LC_Kiki – Womens Dress Black pink

Styled With

Lushitz Cats May #2
Two great bikinis for the warm summer beaches!


  • Bikini on left:  Lushish Catz -Free Bikini (for May)
  • Bikini on right:  Lushish Catz – Skull Bikini – swimwear

Styled With

Left bikini

  • Hair: >TRUTH< Jess – night
  • Necklace: ::GB::black bead necklace women
  • Nails: -MonS- Nails “Gypsy” – Pink
  • Shoes: !!KKBB!! Vinyl Laced Heels – Pink
  • Pose: [LAP] – RCD-Classic Left PR4  (Long Awkward Pose)
Right bikini
  • Hair: >TRUTH< Jolie – night
  • Bangles, Bracelet & Choker: *Zari* “The Leather Collection” Distressed Leather Bangles, Cuff & Choker
  • Pose: from Striking Poses (striking poses)

Lushitz Cats May #3
A couple of great shorts sets.


  • Bikini w/ Shorts (on left):  Lushish Catz -Roses- May Special $10L
  • Necklaces:  Lushish Catz- Free Necklace top
  • Shorts (on Right):  Lushish Catz- Free Shorts

Styled With

  • Hair (on left):  [Shag] – Breathe Me – black
  • Poses (on left & in center):  Diesel Works Daisy7 & -AnaLu- *fresh poses* 265
  • Hair (on right):  !VA! Wipeout blacks – noir
  • Earrings:  Finesmith– In The FlaSH- Deco-Ra- Ear pieces
  • Pose (on right:  [LAP] – F-Blogger5-Systemskirt PR4  (Long Awkward Pose)

Lushitz Cats May #4
And a great little cocktail dress to add to your inventory.  This dress is part of the spring collection and comes in 4 colors.


  • Dress:  Lushish Catz- Blossom Lavender

Styled With

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Introducing ::J:: StyleZ::

June 8, 2011 at 3:25 pm (New Releases, Reviews)

I’ve blogged a couple of times about the furniture & decor store by 2WAT Michigan &  Jiovi Michigan, MiChIGaN’s ShAcK on my other blog:  Models Must Live Lavishly.  You can see the posts I’ve done there.  They also own a quality clothing store named ::J:: StyleZ:: and sent me some info on that to bring to you on the blog here.

At this shop they create clothing, RP wear, shoes, accessories, in a wide range of styles to suit all tastes.  At the moment it is free to join the ::J:: StyleZ:: VIP group (normal cost to join is 100L$), membership gets you an extra 10% discount of everything (so up to 60% while the sale is on). and  weekly special offers (this weeks pictured below) plus exclusing access to the ::J:: StyleZ:: group only store where there are many many outfits less then 10L%  with other benefits coming to the group after the fee is introduced its worth getting in now.

Mainstore SLurl:

One of their newest releases are these lovely boho outfits available in either black or white.  This is their vendor ad so I don’t have the style sheet to share with you.

Boho Outfits Black or White 60L$ Special Offer

Please be sure to stop in their shop and check out everything they have for sale. Here are a few other examples of designs you can find there:




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The Month of Fetish: Alessandra & Subversion

June 8, 2011 at 12:11 am (Fashion Shows)

The Month of Fetish Alessandra Poster
The Month of Fetish Subversion Poster


June 11th: 12-1pm SLT – Alessandra Fashion Show

June 12th: 5-6pm SLT – Subversion Fashion Show.

Siren Productions in collaboration with Alessandra & Subversion Fashions announces one of the hottest fashion shows focusing on latex and fetish designs to take place this month!  Join us for a steamy and fun filled weekend June 11th at 12P.M. SLT & June 12th at 5P.M SLT with an after party that is not to be missed.

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Introducing: ElaCor by EMANUELA Gaffer

June 6, 2011 at 9:24 pm (Reviews)

The end of may jexika Lyter contacted me and sent me one of the absolutely gorgeous designs from ElaCor by EMANUELA Gaffer to share with you all here on my blog.  I had an impossible time deciding what to show you first.  But went with “sonia blu”.  This elegant and super feminine dress is stunning to wear!  The sparkly-textured full ball gown skirt is covered with a sheer over layer that you can see on the sides and topped at the waist by a lovely surrounding of matching blue flowers.

The snugly fitting bodice features a single blue flower at the chest and above that a spray of ruffles.  Delicate lace gloves with frilly cuffs adorn the hands and the ladylike pearl earrings are included for your ears.  Adding the perfect touch to your Cinderella feet are a matching pair of strapped heels, again showcasing the blue flowers.  These shoes are pictured below in the 2nd photo and they come with an HUD to change the texture of both toenails and skin tone.

You can find this at her mainstore here:

Elacor sonia blue 06.06.11

Elacor sonia blue 06.06.11 shoes


  • Dress/shoes/earrings:  elacor sonia blu
Styled With

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