New Hunt Info Blog

September 15, 2011 at 9:01 am (Hunts)

With the disappearance and non-updating of many of the wonderful hunt info blogs for SL, I have decided to start a new one. I am unable to find any good blogs right now that supply hunt info, applications and the like. So if you have info on a hunt, please send it my way and I’ll happily add it! Also looking for assistants.

Kiki Daniels


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D is for Deviant Hunt Intro

September 2, 2011 at 9:58 pm (Hunts)

Hunters & Designers please mark the above blog address if you want to keep up with my hunts. And if you want to be able to chat with other hunters you can join my in world group: A to Zari Hunts. For all updates keep up with my blog listed at the top of this notecard.

Organizer: Zari Genira
Contact: Kiki Daniels

Title: ”D is for Deviant”

Theme: Deviant means it is not normal. A person or thing that is quite far from being normal or what is considered the “norm”. It is something or someone that is “unusual”. Here are a few synonyms:
aberrant, anomalous, atypical, bent, devious, different, divergent, freaky, heretical, heteroclite, irregular, off-key, perverse, preternatural, twisted, unorthodox, unrepresentative, unusual, untypical, variant, varying, wandering, wayward, weird

Items: These will be split between different types. So that we have a better variety. It will be split up as follows (I may have left some categories out):
-No more than 10 jewelry items
-No more than 15 furniture/decor/building items
-No more than 10 womens clothing
-No more than 10 mens clothing
-No more than 5 tattoos/makeup layers
-No more than 5 poses/animations/gestures
-No more than 5 shoes/boots
-No more than 10 other accessories
These items of course can flex a bit depending on how many apply and if I decide to make the hunt limit more than 50.

Application Deadline: September 24th or 50 approved vendors

Dates of the Hunt: October 1st to 31st

-Please read my blog for full information on rules.

If you have any questions at all please contact my assistant: Kiki Daniels. Notecard or IM is fine. If she do not respond within 24 hours please try again, SL does like to eat notecards and IMs!

So you have read all the above and now you want to apply for the hunt? Please visit this link to do so:

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C is for Carnival Hunt Sponsors

August 30, 2011 at 4:53 pm (Hunts)

C is for Carnival PIC

The C is for Carnival Hunt begins Thursday, September 1st!  These fun hunts are run by Zari Genira of A to Zari Hunts.  There are 4 starting points and I have each of them listed below with pics of the items. Be sure to keep up with the info on Zari’s blog so you can do the hunt!  It runs from September 1st to the 30th.  Enjoy!

A to Zari Hunts Blog:

#1:  Avante Poses

C is for Carnival Avante Poses

C is for Carnival Avante Poses (Couple)


  • Poses:  Gypsie Poses from Avante Poses & 2 pose balls sets:  His and His Too

Styled With

  • Hair: Baiastice-Invasion hair attachment-BLACK
  • Bodysuit: The Sea Hole – Yena BodySuit – Dreamscape
  • Earrings: [croire] boho beaded earring (glacial) (silver)
  • Nails & Rings: [:S&V:] Egyptian Rings & Nails – Silver
  • Bracelet: [:S&V:] Egyptian Bracelet (Silver)

#5:  Paris Metro

C is for Carnival Paris Metro


  • Dress:  Paris Metro: Masquerade Ball- Brushed Ruby-(T)

Styled With:

#10:  DeCuir Creations


C is for Carnival DeCuir Creations

This thing is a blast to set off!!! Literally too hehe

#16:  Sol Rebelde

C is for Carnival Sol Rebelde


  • Outfit:  Buenaventura for Carnival from Rebeca Whybrow (Sol Rebelde)

Styled With:

  • Hair:  >TRUTH< Zaria – night
  • Shoes & Earrings:  ~GRACILE~ Dress Sandals “Stone Queen”
  • Bangles:  :: PM :: Etnia in Bangles in Gold
  • Poses:  estetica: Pin-Up Girl poses

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Apple Spice and Finesmith #1

June 29, 2011 at 8:37 pm (Hunts, New Releases, Reviews, Sales & Discounts)

Poses and jewelry…two of my, well many, weaknesses.  Last week I did the Finesmith hunt and got lots and lots of goodies!  I was also sent a review pack from AppleSpiceStore Resident of Apple Spice poses and I wanted to show those as well.  I figured one of the best ways to show poses specifically was without lots of clothing in the way.  The black skin is from Nuuna’s Skins and it works as a good background for the jewelry.  Unfortunately it has the bits painted on so I couldn’t be naked as I was hoping lol.  So I put on a basic swimsuit.

Pose makers are certainly getting more exposure than they used to but its still not near where it needs to be.  So many bloggers don’t state what poses they use, and its part of the styling just as much as the clothing and accessories are.  So the opportunity to showcase a pose designer specifically was very exciting.

Plus with beautiful designs from yula Finesmith, how can you go wrong?  Enjoy the post!

Apple Spice Mainstore:

Finesmith Jewelry Mainstore:

Items featured through all pics:

  • Poses:  Apple Spice Cute Pose Pack – Poses 001 thru 010

Items worn through all pics:

Apple Spice n Finesmith #1
Left:  FINESMITH Hunt Item #1 – Diana Bracelet

Middle:  FINESMITH Hunt Item #8 – NeonFunk Corset

Right:  (part of) FINESMITH Hunt Item #5 – Ruby earrings & necklace

Apple Spice n Finesmith #2
Finesmith Hunt Item #2 – Flower on my heart & (part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #13 – NailsL 10’s purple

Apple Spice n Finesmith #3
(part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #15 – Belinda pearls bracelet pink

Apple Spice n Finesmith #4
Left:  Finesmith Hunt Item #6 – Pilar Ankle & Finesmith Hunt Item #9 – Amor’e Ring

Right:  Finesmith Hunt Item #10 – Parapapa Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet

Apple Spice n Finesmith #5
(part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #18 – Melting in bronze

Apple Spice n Finesmith #6
Finesmith Hunt Item #20 – Amor’e Earrings, Finesmith Hunt Item #6 – Pilar Ankle & (part of) Finesmith Hunt Item #14 – Finesmith Rissa Demure Dress gift

Apple Spice n Finesmith #7
Finesmith Hunt Item #16 – Strawberry Dress/Cream Dress

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A-Hunting We Shall Go…22769 ~ Feb 3rd

February 3, 2011 at 11:02 pm (Hunts, Reviews, Sales & Discounts)

Paco and Manu from 22769 ~ casual couture, sent me some lovely things to show to you this past week.  The outfits below are to be found in two different hunts going on in SL!  I finally got to blog myself and Bahlia together lol.  He’s rather pale 😛   So lets check out these gorgeous gifts!


Blog: (german domain, english rantings)


22769 Feb 3rd 11 #1

THE VALENTINES DIVA HUNT 1st February – 28th February.  For this hunt we crafted two outfits (one male/unisex and one female). We call the “partnerlook” “highschool sweethearts” and we will also hide two gifts in the store.  Hunters are looking for a heart.  The hint – as always – with 22769 is: slap the hintgiver on the events wall (where all the huntposters are) for current hint.  More information for the hunt on website:


On Bahlia

  • Outfit: 22769 valentines diva male/unisex huntgift

On Kiki

  • Outfit: 22769 valentines diva female huntgift

Styled With

On Bahlia

  • Shape/Skin/Hair/Eyes: MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS ~ Dominick
  • Shoes: (Shiny Things) City Walk shoes – black
  • Pose: *Luth* Men’s Fashion S3 02

On Kiki

  • Skin: [dekade.] Skins  -Claire- Tan/DB/HairMake Up 02
  • Hair: >TRUTH< Diana – night
  • Eyes: Shine Eye – Brown  (Dernier Cri)
  • Lashes: *Sin Skins* Ferra Lashes
  • Shoes: Maitreya Female Desert Boots – Brown

22769 Feb 3rd 11 #2

MENSTUFF HUNT 29th January – 28th February  The first MENSTUFF hunt is knocking on our doors.  The hunt is for menswear. We crafted a cheeky outfit containing a jumper, a tank and some golden jeans.  Hunters are looking for a culpted t-shirt .  The hint – as always – with our place is: slap the hintgiver on the events wall (where all the huntposters are) for current hint.  For more information check the website:


  • Outfit: 22769 menstuff huntgift

Styled With

  • (see above for full list)
  • Pose: *Luth* Men’s Fashion S3 04

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Styling 22769 ~ Casual Couture

January 17, 2011 at 10:36 pm (Hunts, New Releases, Reviews, Sales & Discounts) (, , , , , , , , , )

Paco Pooley, one of the co-owner and creator of 22769 ~ Casual Couture (along with Manuel Ormidale), sent me a few new releases and sales to blog this last week.  Thank you Paco 😉  I realized that some are mens clothing and my avatar is female so I’ve determined to create a male avatar to help with my blogging.  Or maybe I’ll find a male friend to help hmmmm….  Anyhow, in the meantime, let me begin by telling you a little about their shop.

22769 – Casual Couture carries casual street- and club-wear for men and women.  Their textures are quite good and the prim work is as well, with unexpected pieces added for good detail.  They participate in several hunts so you can find wonderful freebies on occasion and they are also part of The Couturier’s Loft (see a recent post on their newest release for TCL here), a special discount room for German designers.  They have a blog that they state is a German domain but English rantings, hehe.  You can find it here:

And they have a flickr group as well here:

You can find their flagship store at this location in world:

They are taking part in the the JAUNTY SALE 16th January – 22nd January, and you can find these two great outfits for 49L.  They are made for men, but as you can see a woman can sport them too!

Jaunty Sale website:

22769 Jan 17th #2

Jaunty Sale Outfit 1 contains a cotton hoodie with sculpted hood, bottom prim and cuffs and also some dirty dark blue denims for an urban look.


  • Outfit: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 1 (16th january)

Styled With

  • Skin: [dekade.] Skins  -Claire- Tan/DB/HairMake Up 07
  • Hair: >TRUTH< Diana – night
  • Eyes: :: Exodi :: Vetro Eyes (Black)(Lg)(NoVeins)
  • Lashes: *Sin Skins* Ferra Lashes
  • Shoes: Maitreya Female Desert Boots – Brown
  • Pose: aDORKable Poses: Phoney Pony (Gift #7 from the Pro Posers Hunt)

22769 Jan 17th #3

Jaunty Sale Outfit 2 contains a blended tee with sculpted cuffs and botton prim and some linen cargo pants with sculpted legs, bag and belt.


  • Outfit: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 2 (16th January)

Styled With

The talented designers are also participating in THE NEXT BIG THING HUNT 15th January – 12th February.

22769 Jan 17th #4

They decided to create this preppy casual college look, unisex so anyone can wear it.


  • Outfit: 22769 next big thing huntgift from 22769

Styled With

  • Pose: *Luth* Gun 05 (Finger Pointing)

And finally they have a new group gift available for those loyal customers in their group!  (Be sure to join)
22769 Jan 17th #1

They always change up their group gift on the 15th of each month.  This time we went with a casual urban look with yingyang tee and some army-denims with sculpted cuffs.  And as always the group gift is unisex!


  • Outfit: 22769 groupgift unisex 15th january 2011

Styled With

  • Hair: * 0 Style *Enrica*(Raven)_M
  • Cuffs: > alaMood < La`Rue Silver Cuff – Female
  • Pose: *Luth* Gun 04 (Finger Pointing)

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The Hunt is On: The Next Big Thing

January 15, 2011 at 1:09 pm (Hunts) (, , , , , )

Pom Pom Pom Jan 14 #2

(credits at the bottom)

As promised!  Here are the items that Evelyn made for her “The Next Big Thing” hunt.  So, the hunt began today, and will continue until February 12th.  Here is some info for you:

Welcome to The Next big Thing Hunt!

This is a gridwide hunt features some stores that you may know and ones that you may not have ever heard of! The theme of the hunt is the next big thing! Designers have been asked to create something that they think/ hope will be the next big trend in 2011! Whether it be something totally new or an old item that has been given a modern twist!

There are a couple of rules for hunters.

1. Please do not be rude or moan about the hunt, prizes or store owners in group chat. If you have an issue/ question contact Evelyn Hartshon or Ronnette Raremaster.

2. For hints please check the blog or store hint givers, if you are really stuck ask in group chat for a second hint.

3. Anyone caught cheating – passing cheat sheets or announcing the location of hunt items in local chat will be banned from the store and possibly all the other stores.

Please use the blog and spreadsheet for info on problem stores and hints.


  • Outfit: PomPomPom – Ruffle Outfit for TNBT Hunt (shoes included)
  • Signs: PomPomPom – TNBT Wall Decals

Styled With

  • Clutch: [ORTA] – Blake clutch in charcoal
  • Bangles: Finesmith- stoneage bracelets
  • Glasses: [Iruco] Ati Sunglasses01 (Gift Blue) Mouth
  • Hair: >TRUTH< Jolie – night
  • Pose: [LAP] – C-Barbie14

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Demure Darling Hunt Items!

January 7, 2011 at 5:38 am (Hunts) (, , , , , , , , )

The Demure Darling Hunt began January 1st and runs until February 1st.  I was able to find most of the items and have photographed most below.  Not all, but  most!  There are more so be sure to do the whole hunt!  I didn’t do much styling because of the amount of photos to take and wanted to focus on the hunt items.  Anyhow…enjoy!

For more info on the hunt please visit:

Demure Darling Hunt #1


Demure Darling Hunt #2


Demure Darling Hunt #3


Demure Darling Hunt #4


Demure Darling Hunt #5


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I’m going on a treasure hunt…

January 4, 2011 at 8:20 am (Hunts)

I’ve been doing a few more hunts than usual lately, and today was working on The Great Mitten Hunt which ends January 21st.  I was hopping around the grid, searching for the warm little red mittens (mitten to be correct…that is what the hunt object is anyway), and I came to store #17- The Epic Toy Factory.  The hint (which I always use….yes I know…cheating), was provided in the hint giver by the hunt sign.  I opened it up and was immediately set off on a fun little adventure.  After I got the hang of it, I was having fun!  Following the clues provided in the poem they gave as a hint.  I had so much fun that I had to go back through afterwards and take some pictures to provide for your enjoyment!!  So…here it is!   The poem and the photos as I move along the trail.

By the way, you can find the fun sim here:

And the post about the outfit I am wearing as I hunt here:

Epic Toy Factory  #1

The hunt for you at 17 will keep you on your toes…

If you find it troublesome im  and tell me your woes.

For now come give it a shot, it may be a surprise,

Although our hint is long,

You wont leave without your prize….

Epic Toy Factory  #2

So lets begin by finding now a mushroom of dulled  red,

sit now upon its shinning surface and to the factory we must head..

Epic Toy Factory  #3

sit now upon its shinning surface and to the factory we must head..

Epic Toy Factory  #4

Wander in and  up the stairs,

Epic Toy Factory  #5

follow its walkway round..

Epic Toy Factory  #6

Until you come across a mysterious champ,

he unbrelly points to the ground

Now while you here touch his brelly and he will give a gift to you…

Now touch his belly and WOOSH he will see you through

Epic Toy Factory  #7

Ah here we are, in a  place of wonder, magic in the air

Epic Toy Factory  #8

Seek the mushroom blue this time so  we can whisk you up in the air…

Cross your fingers and your toes and hope the weathers fair…

Epic Toy Factory  #9

Brr it cold up here, but oh what a view….

Epic Toy Factory  #10

spy the rope and slide on down…

Epic Toy Factory  #11

ONce you land search around

for here for the mitten can be found….

Epic Toy Factory  #12

What a fun little poem and a great hunt to go with it!!!  What do you get as a prize?  You must hunt to see!!  Its definitely more than worth your time!

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