Introducing: Cilian’gel

June 11, 2011 at 12:14 am (Mens, New Releases, Reviews)

How can you possibly resist anything Charlie Chaplin or Clara Bow?  Cilia Shepherd of Cilian’gel passed me her hunt gift today for the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Hunt II which is running from June 11th to June 25th 2011.  Look for two Stars in the Cilian’gel 1920’s Boutique. The prizes you will get are for men and women and inspired from no one else than the legendary Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow.  It includes both outfits shown below.  Here is the hint for the HWOF Hunt: Look up and high, you may find some Stars hidden behind the Moon.

How fun is this set?  I kinda want to dress Kiki up in the Charlie Chaplin outfit as well 😀  And definitely going to make a trip to Cilia’s shop to see what other great things she has to offer.  The poses used below are also from Cilian’gel and can be found in the past notices of the Cilian’gel Designs group!

Mainstore SLurl:

Cilian'gel Final Pic

  • Bahlia’s Outfit:  ‘Got Charlie?’ – Cilian’gel 1920’s – Presentation Box
  • Bahlia’s Pose:  Showbiz Pose ‘Got Charlie?’ Cilian’gel
  • Kiki’s Outfit:  ‘Got Clara?’ – Cilian’gel 1920’s – Presentation Box
  • Kiki’s Pose:  Showbiz Pose ‘Got Clara?’ Cilian’gel

Styled With

on Bahlia

on Kiki


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January 23, 2011 at 8:01 am (General, Mens, Reviews)

Please welcome my male counterpart:  Bahlia Karu!!  I will be using Bahlia to blog mens items for my blog as well.  Some posts may be with Bahlia alone, or I may do some with the both of us together.  There is a severe lack of good male blogs for SL.  Now there are some amazing ones!!  Which I will be listing in my blog roll to the right, under “Mens Blogs”.  But…there is generally a lack of quality blogs, and an even bigger lack of quality mens blogs that last for very long!  I’m not sure why this is, but hopefully I can make a bit of a change here.  Anyhow, lets meet Bahlia!

NOTE TO DESIGNERS:  If you wish to have any of your mens items blogged on my blog now, please send them to Bahlia Karu.  Thank you!!

Bahlia 1

So, this look is very very “out of the box” but I love it!!  So Its what I’m starting with.  MADesigns has some AMAZING Complete Avatar Sets for sale.  Be sure to check them out!  I’m so tired of seeing overly muscular, incredibly masculine looking men in SL (ok maybe I’m not)…but I wanted to have Bahlia look a bit different:  more thin and not so bulky.  A bit of a softer look.  I think he’s hot!


  • Shape/Skin/Hair/Eyes: MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS ~ Dominick

Styled With

  • Jeans: Armidi Limited – A001 Jeans [Light Classic]
  • Pose: *Luth* Men’s Fashion S2 04

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I am back! With…Styling *Just BECAUSE*

January 21, 2011 at 8:38 pm (Mens, New Releases, Reviews)

Annie Melson, owner & designer of *Just BECAUSE*, opened shop not long ago on November 1st 2010.  She offers high quality clothing for both men and women.  And ALL of her clothing is handcrafted with much attention to every detail.  She tries to release at least one new outfit every week.  She sent me two newer outfits to review and I very much enjoyed doing this!  She has sooo many options with her outfits you can layer and mix and match so many different ways the possibilities are numerous.  I attempted to capture as many as possible in my photos, but I’m sure there are more!

Another great option you have with her designs, she uses a special vendor to give you the option of purchasing the item as Copy/Mod or Mod/Trans.  This is perfect for those who prefer to mix and match several copies throughout their inventory OR for those who wish to send her designs as gifts.

Annie also mentions:  “Available in my store are also discontinued clothing, furniture, and some seasonal items from when I had my old store Repose. I offer all of these discontinued items at only 10L a piece or 100L for whole sets. That’s 90% or more off the original price when I was here last. They are located in the upstairs area of my store.”

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, check her out here:




And of course you will want her Mainstore SLurl:

Now let me show you her lovely creations!!  Also including photos of some mens designs at the bottom.

Just BECAUSE Influence #1

*Just BECAUSE* Influence is a women’s outfit that can best be described as Sexy Elegance. Low cut cowl neck shirt comes full or cropped for a midriff look in red or black. You also get black and grey slacks, each color with their own prim bottoms in 3 different choices. It’s like having 4 outfits for the price of one! Price is 400L$ at her inworld store.


  • Outfit: *Just BECAUSE* Influence

Styled With

  • Skin: [dekade.] Skins  -Claire- Tan/DB/HairMake Up 05
  • Hair: * 0 Style *Enrica*(Raven)_M
  • Eyes: :: Exodi :: Vetro Eyes (Black)(Lg)(NoVeins)
  • Shoes: HOC Apparel – MIB Stilettos 2
  • Poses: IE_Confident_01    &    IE_Confident_06    &    kalmia_stand_free2    &    kru_mode25    &    LB Stand 4    &   LB Stand 9    &   [LAP] – Baby Got Back PR4

Just BECAUSE Jewelette #1

*Just BECAUSE* Jewelette was just released January 12, 2011. Imagine walking into a club, music pulsing, lights flashing, and you in the spotlight with this outfit! The guys will come running because you’ll be the hottest women in the building! Annie followed her inspiration with the outfit Jewel but went more FUN this time.  She cropped the top, created a flirty mini skirt, and added some thigh high stockings. This outfit is a great party outfit! You’ll want to show this one off next time you go to your favorite club! Price is 400L$ at her inworld store.


  • Outfit: *Just BECAUSE* Jewelette

Styled With

  • Poses: [LAP] – Baby Got Back Too PR4    &    *Luth* Fashion S6 10    &    *Luth* Material Girls 02    &    *Luth* Material Girls 04

And now for a taste of what you can find in her mens selections:





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